Yes you can!

It was an honor and pleasure to address the postgraduate students and academics of Durban University in South Africa in a close to the heart motivational talk with the title “Yes you can!”. The talk aimed to inspire the students to pursue there dreams , hang on during the hard times and it redefined the meanings of success and real support. The interaction was phenomenal and the feedback was very satisfying. It was such a rewarding experience and I was happy to accept there second invitation to visit them again in the summer of 2019!

Petroleum Development Oman (PDO) supports research on biodiesel with a generous fund

As an academic, researcher and the principle investigator of this funded project, I am thrilled today to have gained the trust of Sultan Qaboos University, Ejaad platform and Petroleum Development of Oman (PDO). In the contract signed today, PDO has supported us with a generous fund that will help commercialise our research and take our dream closer to reality. We would like to thank PDO for the funds, Ejaad – the platform that connects the academia with industry - and SQU for being alongside with us. Our project is related to biofuel production where waste date seed pits are utilised and converted into clean energy. We managed from initial funds received from The Research Council (TRC) to

The future of higher education in the age of AI

“The future of higher education in the age of AI” was the of my talk today at the Artificial intelligence conference held in Salalah- Oman on August 1st 2018 at the regency hall. My talk focused on the new role of higher education in the age of artificial intelligence and how we, at higher educational institutions can utilise the new emerging technologies to enhance our learning and teaching experiences and to best prepare our students for the 4th industrial revolution.

“Coach For Change” expanded its activities by moving east to Pakistan in April 2018 to deliver a mot

The talk was addressed to an extraordinary audience of over 1000 female executives, CEO’s ,top mangers and Students in one of the countries largest female focused conferences. The 10th Woman in Business and Leadership Conference (WIBCON) was part of the RISing learning festival that took place in April 2018, It was a great experience with a lot of interaction, positive feedback and a lot of fruitful collaborations. Best of all that the learning experience was certainly mutual! The talk covered the impact of small attainable goals in ultimately reaching your big aspirations in life, how to embrace our fears, turning pains into gains and the value of having a right support system in our lives.

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