July 2, 2019

It was such a rewarding experience to interact and engage with 60 skilled, smart and motivated young girls from all over Oman in the "Youth booth camp" that took place in the beautiful city of Sohar on July 2 ed, 2019.  We shared our stories, dreams and aspirations in...

March 28, 2017

ورشة عمل منافع عباره عن ماراثون أفكار له علاقه بالتنوع الإحيائي في السلطنه و كيفيه استغلالها كثروه اقتصادية

ماراثون الأفكار هذه امتدت ل٤٨ ساعه من العصف الذهني التي خرجت بأفكار رائعة

‏الأفكار التي خرجت من ⁧‫منافع‬⁩ هي: 

‏١) صناعة اكسسوارات راقية من نوادر عمانية

‏٢) صناعة مس...

July 25, 2016

Here comes the day where every tear and all the fear and hardship becomes so worth it!
The day I was waiting for and dreamt of for over 10 years!
The day I felt so proud not only of my self but of every single person who stood by me during my long exciting journey! The...

January 31, 2011

Bio-glycerol is considered as high boiling polar triol and immiscible with fossil fuel 
fractions due to which it is transformed into its respective ketals and acetals which help to 
improve the quality of diesel emitting less amount of aldehydes and carbon monoxide. 

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