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What a lovely surprise!

Today the Biology Group at SQU organised a wonderful event called "Little Biologist" where they brought together 80 children and engaged them in very well organised, interactive and dynamic sessions to explore the world of biology!

​​This was so inspiring and I am overjoyed to see our students at SQU putting so much effort in inspiring the next generation of scientists and biologists! I salute them for there great efforts and it is worth mentioning that this is the 3ed such event to take place on campus inspiring over 230 amazing children from our beloved country , happening right before our eyes in the beautiful Biology Department.

I was thrilled and surprised as well with the warm congrats from the students and little angles as they presented me with a beautiful bouquet of flowers and a delicious dish of Omani halwa and I want to say "Thank you" from the bottom of my heart!

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