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10th WIBCON 2018 listen to Rise conference

Lahor/ Pakistan

It was a pleasure to be invited as a Key note speaker to deliver a motivational talk to over 1000 woman in leadership from across Pakistan in the 10th WIBCON 2018 conference in Lahor held on 25th April 2018 at the Pearl Continental hotel.

My talk was entitled “The Art of Living” where I shared stories from my life that inspired me to live with purpose and have big visions and aspirations in life. I emphasised that “Being an eastern , Muslim, covered woman, the world aspires to make us rise”.

The interaction with the audience was phenomenal and feedback was heart warming!

I look forward to giving more talks and carrying out workshops for the lovely ladies of Pakistan and rest of the world.

Our company “Coach For Change” is happy to serve those who care for change.

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