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Petroleum Development Oman (PDO) supports research on biodiesel with a generous fund

As an academic, researcher and the principle investigator of this funded project, I am thrilled today to have gained the trust of Sultan Qaboos University, Ejaad platform and Petroleum Development of Oman (PDO).

In the contract signed today, PDO has supported us with a generous fund that will help commercialise our research and take our dream closer to reality. We would like to thank PDO for the funds, Ejaad – the platform that connects the academia with industry - and SQU for being alongside with us.

Our project is related to biofuel production where waste date seed pits are utilised and converted into clean energy.

We managed from initial funds received from The Research Council (TRC) to prove (with almost 10 publications) that we can produce bio-diesel from waste date pits and with the additional funds from PDO we will be able to go to the second stage that is to produce enough bio-fuel from date seeds to be used in the PDO machinery in the desert.”

The team at SQU are thrilled and very optimistic about the success in achieving our goals in the field of renewable energy. Read more

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