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“I am very passionate about driving positive change in my surrounding and making a better future by working with and inspiring the youth”.  



I am an associate professor at Sultan Qaboos University with a PhD in Structural & Molecular Biology from University College London (UCL) and an MSc in Environmental Science and Technology from UNSW (Australia) where I received the prestigious award “Boban Marcovic Prize in Environmental Science” in 2006. 


Apart from my passion for lecturing, I thoroughly enjoy public speaking and I frequently represent women of the Sultanate at both national and international meetings. I had the privilege to present my research findings in many international conferences around the world including UK, Poland, France, Germany, Netherlands, Lebanon, Kuwait, Qatar, UAE, China, Pakistan, Singapore, Canada, South Africa, Taiwan and USA. More recently I have been invited to deliver several inspirational and motivational talks and mentorships targeted to the youth and women including Harvard, IMD and MIT events. A topic and audience that are both very dear to my heart. I am also a co-producer and presenter on national radio, hosting an engaging program called “The Art of Living". I also have a passion in researching and developing Biofuels and for my advancement of science, I have been granted a fellowship in the World Academy of Science (2019-2015) and a proud recipient of the prodigious "L'oreal UNESCO Award for Woman in Science - Middle East Fellowship 2018". More recently I have been selected by the World Economic Forum as a "Young Global Leader" 2020.  


It’s those small things that happen around us and for us that lift our spirits and make our day!


I thank everyone who has blessed my life and added an ever growing smile to my face!


I am grateful for these special moments in my life!

Life is changing in the speed of light and I believe it’s of pivotal importance to be aware of what’s happening around us and predict what the future holds. I thus ensure that I keep my self up to date with what’s happening around me and prepare my self for the future by attending and participating in world class conferences and forums.

My thirst for change drives me to give everything I can to accelerate positive change whether it be in privet , government sectors or personal development and education.


I thus conducted and continue to carry out workshops for government, industry and academia on different topics typically 

1) Female empowerment 

2) Youth development 

3) STEM education 

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“I am a university lecturer, a public speaker, a young scientist and researcher in biofuels”.



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